Frameless glass balustrades are changing the look and value of homes across the Western Cape with its ability to blend with classic styles and modern designer homes. It is the perfect solution for inside and outside your home. We offer a safe, frameless, customized solution to enclose your balcony, pool, staircase or patio.Safety is paramount around any pool area and our frameless glass swimming pool fences offer easy access for adults without the stress of removing covers and nets while adding crisp clear modern aesthetics and huge value to your property. The safety and long life of a glass balutrades system along with its timeless appeal is powering the trend toward using glass balustrades and handrails.We can help with choosing which tyoe of railings are needed and which will provide the safest and best looking result. our mission is to make your property safe to the building code and provide the brilliant aesthetic appeal of glass at an affordable price.Using 12mm (with a hand rail) or 15mm(without a hand rail)toughened safety glass this solution is suitable for floor mounts, side-mounts or recessed options. Our frameless balustrades have absolutely no framework. Choose the look and feel you desire.

Speak to our skilled design team on how to create a winning combination of trend, style and practical safe indoor or outdoor lifestyle economically.